Tuesday, November 1, 2016

My new interest-Terrace Gardening

      Gardening - i love it..I have experiences of helping my dad in gardening,watering plants and weeding the plants from my childhood..But i was not aware then that these are all just tiny things in the vast field of agriculture to learn..Just by helping him i had a gut feeling that i learnt gardening and even agriculture..how funny thoughts we have when we are kids..And then after growing up i came to know that i learnt nothing about growing plants..
      Agriculture is such an amazing job..i will say farmers are greatmen..i have an idea to contribute something to agriculture in my lifetime..Need to see agriculture as an emerging field..As a first step i just started Terrace Gardening..Planted Tomato 🍅,corriander seeds and fenugreek each in a box..box???yes..i jut started my gardening with zero investment..just used waste cardboard boxes 📦from my home for planting ,initially;and  after five days i saw young saplings in my boxes..It feels amazing ..couldn't explain in words..feel like i have achieved something..I feel really awesome and very confident..My target as for now is,'to grow all vegetables and greens we need by myself'.This is my short term goal actually..i will achieve it soon..I can hear my conscience say to me"way to go pravitha"..Love Gardening..

Be cool..shower love..